The Farm and its people

by Wilson J. Gaidry III

There is a symbiotic relationship between the farm and its people; each giving life to the other, each owing life to the other. I wish to acknowledge the people who worked on the farm and contributed to the farm success. I have compiled a list of the people that I have known and that I know that have worked on the farm but the farm has existed for almost 200 years and there are many names that will never be known, their souls and spirits continuing to exist in the fabric of the farm for eternity.

Jason Duplantis, Philip Ledet, Lonnie Dupre, Pat Boudreaux, Cody Ritchey, Wilson Gaidry III

Ashley Clinton Jim Jack Alfred Nevis Emma Gee Prosper & Aline Voclain
Aurlie Ledet Emile & Angelina Ledet V.J. Oubre Walter Oubre Remé Duplantis (right) and WJ Gaidry II
Hercule Lambert Earl Le Blanc Junius Robicheaux Sr. and Jr. Morice Hebert Cyrus Coteau
Don & Alida Bourg Lavis & Rita Bourg with son Donnie Arron and Rose May Guidry Wilfred Rhodes Blood Champagne
Huston Gouteaux Roger Webb Joseph Chaisson Jean Arceneaux Donald Begeron
Rebecca Gaidry Ritchey Wanda Ledet Gaidry Chad Beard Desire Trish Valerio De Angelis
Smokey Nixon Jimmy Lyons Hubbert Pitre Nolan Lyons