Volumnia Live Oaks

Live Oaks at Volumnia Farm
Volumnia Farm has over 30 live oak trees on its premises; 26 being registered and named with the Live Oak Society of the Louisiana Garden Club Federation, Inc. The oldest tree (R.R. Barrow tree) is over 6 feet in diameter and estimated to be almost 500 years old, and the second oldest (Adolph Gaidry) is 5' 8'' in diameter and about 430 years old.

The Southern Live Oak (Quercus Virginiana), unlike other oaks, keeps its leaves all year except for a few weeks in the spring when it replaces the old leaves (hence the name live); and the Live Oak and its Spanish moss is iconic to Old South Louisiana and Volumnia Farm. This majestic tree can reach a height of over 60 feet and a spread double the height with a root system under ground equal to the size of the tree above ground; making it very hard to uproot in the high winds and hurricanes common to South Louisiana.

Sweet, tapered acorns produced by the trees are eaten by birds and mammals, including sapsuckers, mallards, wild turkeys, squirrels, black bears, and deer. Other birds make use of the moss that frequently hangs from the tree branches to construct nests. The Live Oak is also home to epiphytes (air plants) Spanish moss, night-blooming cereus; staghorn fern and resurrection fern.

To find the age of a Live Oak
  • 4 or 5 feet from the ground, measure with a tape measure the circumference of the tree
  • Divide the circumference by 3.1416
  • Convert to inches
  • First 10 inches = 76 years
  • Add 6.5 years for every inch between 10 inches and 22 inches
  • Add 6 years for every inch over 22 inches
List of Live Oaks registered with the Louisiana Live Oak Society
1. Aunt Roberta Gaidry15'95'
2. Aunt Mary Buck12' 7''60'
3. Louise Slatter12' 10''70'
4. Clara Slatter9' 3''60'
5. Emma Billings8' 2''55'
6. Aunt Laura Gaidry8' 3''58'
7. Volumnia Hunley16' 8''75'
8. Volumnia Barrow15' 5''70'
9. Ascension Slatter14' 5''75'
10. Adolph Gaidry18' 0''105'
11. Lillie Lea McKnight12' 6''95'
12. R. R. Barrow 19' 5''110'
13. Rebecca Gaidry10' 2''65'
14. Brook Sanford9' 8''60'
15. Grandma Cadiere14' 5''80'
16. Louise Lawson8' 8''70'
W1. Wilson Gaidry I15' 3''90'
W2. Wilson Gaidry II8' 8''60'
W3. Doris Prestenbach9' 5''60'
W4. Dot Folks12' 0''100'
W5. Eva LeBouef10' 8''85'
W6. Evella Lirette11' 3''80'
W7. Melinda Ledet15' 4''90'
W8. Lisa Ledet12' 2''65'
W9. Wanda Ledet13' 5''88'
W10. Wilson Gaidry III13' 4''75'

Aunt Roberta Gaidry oak

R.R. Barrow oak

R.R. Barrow oak

Volumnia Barrow oak

Ascension Slatter oak

Resurrection fern

Spanish moss