Chain of title and possession

1828 - Robert Ruffin (RR) Barrow purchased the property from Jim Bowie in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, near the town of Houma. This property would later become Residence Plantation, named so because RR owned many plantations but Residence Plantation was where he resided. Residence Plantation has been continually owned and operated from that time until present by the same family, making it one of the oldest, if not the oldest, family owned business in Terrebonne Parish.

Robert Ruffin Barrow

1875 - RR Barrow died and left Residence Plantation to his daughter Volumnia Roberta, who married William Slatter, a newspaper editor and state legislator from Winchester Tennessee. Their daughter Clara married Wilson Joseph Gaidry, son of Adolph Gaidry; Adolph owned a general store where the Holy Rosary Church is located in Houma louisiana.

1901 - Roberta died and left Residence Plantation to her daughter Clara Slatter Gaidry.

1954 - Clara died and her son Wilson J Gaidry II inherited Residence.

1973 - Wilson J Gaidry II died and his son Wilson J Gaidry III inherited Residence Plantation.